Tin-foil theorizing about the sansha deadspace modules

Coming next year fresh from the otherworl- I mean regions like Catch, Stain, Providence the Sansha DED complexes with get a new loot table with shield modules instead of armor ones, since my beloved True Sansha ships are all shields now <3

I tin-foil hat theorize the following changes:

  • The Centum a(-c)-type adaptive nano membrane will become a Centum a(-c)-type adaptive invulnerability field
  • The Centum a(-c)-type energized platings will become Centum a(-c)-type passive shield hardeners
  • The Centus A-X- Type armor hardeners will become Centum A-X-Type shield hardeners
  • The Centii a-c-type adaptive plating will go extinct
  • The Centii a-c type platings will go extinct or become shield boost amplifiers
  • The armor reps will become shield boosters

I hope the Sansha get a dead-space afterburner like the Serpentis one (Core if you don’t know).

What I don’t know yet is if the Sansha shield modules will be even with the Pith or Gist ones and I hope the latter is the case.

A third Afterburner? What should set this one apart from the Gist and Core? (Yes, this goes for everything Sansha turning into shield)

A pipedream, but I wish CCP would do this as part of a bigger feature of a more or less complete rework of the deadspace modules: reduced redundancy and make the deadspace modules follow racial profiles instead of blanket availability of everything for every participating race.

Maybe the Core afterburner can become a Centus one instead. The Serpentis still have the Core mwd.

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