Correct Faction specific modules to hull bonus types

Yes, I know there are many, MANY more things to fix and balance first before tackling this “Little Things” nonsense, but hear me out.

I was trying to build a ludicrous-speed 100mn Phantasm (for reasons) and I noticed that

  1. You cannot shield fit with faction-deadspace parts a Sansha ship
  2. For an afterburner bonused hull, there are NO Sansha faction afterburners
  3. For a shield based hull, only Sansha armor mods are available. There aren’t even really enough low slots on any Sansha ship to put armor tank on them.
  4. Some (maybe even most) faction hulls cannot be fully faction or officer fit to their dominant racial types - Don’t believe me? Try fitting an Avatar with full Amarr Navy or Pirate mods. Try fitting one with a prop mod. Any prop. And keep it racial. Not going to happen. Avatars need tracking computers…hmmm Amarr pirate race tracking computers? Nope. Amarr racial propulsion? Nope. Maybe the Amarr haven’t figured out how to build an afterburner yet, that’s just me I could be wrong.

I’m fairly certain this topic has been raised before, I haven’t done any research on the topic itself, but it is something that has always bothered me. From what I think I remember, the Incursions were originally supposed to be the EoM faction to begin with and it was changed at the last moment; they are an Amarr hull with hybrid weapon combo. That makes sense with the modules and the Slave Implant set they are assigned.

So, that’s what I would like to see in “Little Things”. Make faction mods more respective of the factions they represent. Sansha drops laser weapon (and support), afterburner, engineering (cap batteries as well) and shield mods. SS drops armor, hybrid (and support) and MWD. Stuff like that. All races can figure out how to cobble together common mods like propulsion and engineering mods can’t they?

And I know that the chances of this happening before someone finally turns off the server is close to zero. At least no one can complain that no one had asked.

What you are seeing is legacy

for instance sansha used to be armor. Its also why their slave implants boost armor HP

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