Changing Ammo During Fight?


(Xavi Mendosa) #1

I’m using Kestrel for FW and carrying all different damage typed rockets. I’m trying to guess opponent ship uses shield or armor tank and reload optimal rocket before the fight. Let’s say I chose EM rocket and realized that damage result much lower than I expected. Opponent ship may use armor tank or has an Anti-EM Fit (Actually I have no idea how to understand which one), so I need to change my damage type, but how? Reloading another rocket takes 10 seconds which means 4x2.5 rockets. The whole fight usually lasts for 1 minute. I don’t think another damage type can close this gap. How do you deal with this problem? If I chose the wrong damage type, does it mean I’m already done?

(Morikar) #2

There is so much more to PVP than just damage type. Neuts, webs, ewar, all kinds of other stuff you should be doing to screw with your opponent.

While you are learning I’d suggest focusing on the rockets that do Thermal or Kinetic damage. Going EM or Explosive damage are usually the two biggest resists you run into depending on the ship, focusing on Kinetic or Thermal you will run into resistance but it won’t be as random.

Also for a Kestrel specifically, I’d suggest you switch to Light Missiles. Rockets are cute but they hit like a wet noodle most of the time and have very limited range. Missiles have longer ranger and do more damage, but they fire less often. With the right skills you can hit targets out to 20-25km with light missiles and do some pretty good dps.

(Blade Darth) #3

Try to guess how the enemy is fit based on his ship and speed, active modules he’s using on you might be good indicator too. Ship with 4 mids, assume he has a prop mod and tackle and than you see 2x tracking disruptor or webs. He’s not gonna be shield tank. Assume they got their resist hole plugged, so shooting EM at a shield tank might not be the best option, thermal might be better.
Look at default resist profile of T2 ships as they vary greatly from the standard shield/armor profile of t1 hulls.
As for reloading during battle, yes and no. If you are getting somewhat good hits, and the fight is expected to last maybe another 10-20s, continue. If its active tank (long fight- every little dps counts) or you do no damage because you forgot to swap ammo before fight or something, better swap.

@Morikar 1) that wasn’t the question
2) rockets apply very well to a webbed target (especially faction) and do more damage than missiles, not sure if troll or lack of game mechanic knowledge

(Vala Azar) #4

Kestrel needs all types of rockets. If not using the dual web version you might be interested in using Crash booster. You will also need Tech 2 rockets to use javelin - the longrange rockets, which are actually useful combined with the Kestrel’s bonuses.

Guessing right ammo is a pretty big deal and something you’ll learn. It’s rarely time enough to switch unless you can somehow put yourself outside enemy damage application for a while (or if your tank is awesome).

You use to check generally how most people fit the kind of ship you’re giving a try, and you check specifically how your enemy fits his version. All information is there if looked for.

If you don’t have time to do research (which will take a few seconds when trained), you might want to just rush head-on. This is mostly a bad idea with the exception of you just jumped into system and warped to a plex - then surprise might be the right thing to do - if you know what you’re doing.

(Shailagh R) #5

On a more general note than just the kestral and missles/rockets, you definitely want to change ammo usually.

Range/tracking tends to be the reason more so than dps.

If using blaster and need that range, load null. Got a bigger target hard tackled and slow and close, unload the deeps with void.
Trying to track a frig or drones, use faction antimatter.

Same with projectiles and barrage for long range, hail usually sucks but you have usually phased plasma as default or titanium sabot for high tracking.

So with such wild cards as resist profiles ans resist holes and whats the tank and blah blah blah. Until you get real advanced, just focus on using the right range/type.

So javelin or rage or missile/rocket rapid light mls etc. Start there and swapping range/tracking/dps with the specific system you got. Well except for rlml clips cuz they take forever so you are stuck with the preload.

Edit: more often than not and the rare times the fight completely changes like he burns out mods or totally screws up… if you feel like "damn this is wrong resist type. My shots arent hurting him, he is invincible !!"
You really have nothing to lose by trying to swap. Cuz if you FEEL like that above statement and see your shots arent doing anything, you are probably going to get blown up. So may as well try whatever you can do and hope you make a swap to the 0% resist hole and get lucky. Cuz if you get the feeling that it aint working… it probably wont if you dont change range, speed, tactics, ammo SOMEthing

(yellow parasol) #6

When you ungroup your turrets/launchers, you can switch ammo one by one without needing to stop the others. that way you spread out the loss of dps over time and, assuming you switch to a better damage type, increase it with each reload.

(yellow parasol) #7

to expand on that: if you switch to a damage type before you engage, it is more optimal to use the two likeliest damage types instead. that way you can switch even faster, because it’s only half the amount of turrets/launchers you have to go through.

(Dalomar Avalhar) #8

Have you checked Suitonias extensive guides to the kestrel out?
If not heres a link to his channel just browse around theres several vids on the guide and atleast one about the ammo

(Aldeskwatso) #9

Anticipate the fits you’ll be going up against and fit the correct ammo based on your anticipations. As you gain experience you’ll notice you’ll anticipate more accurately. Most fights are concluded before even the first lock is made.

During the fight watch closely what happens and change ammo accordingly if needed. While you do mitigate incoming damage to buy you time. You’ll learn against which ships/fits this is an option and which not.

But more often then not people change ammo during the fight to adapt to changing ranges. Tho ideally you want to control the range of the fight as much as possible.

There are many factors that end up weighing into the flow of a battle and the only real way to find your way in it is to go in and learn by doing it.