Damage Selection

I know that there are 4 damage types in the game. EM, Thermal, Kinetic and Explosive and I’ve found plenty of information about what damage rats do and what to use against them but what about in a PVP environment?

I know that there are bound to be variations to the theme but wondered what general damage type are good to use against shield and armour fit ships in PVP.

@Giddy_McFee your question is very hard to answer as there is no real way to tell how an enemy’s ship is fit; other than if it’s Armor/Shield tanked (active or buffer) and weapon systems as you can “Look At” the ship and visually see that before and during the battle.
No player flies their spaceships the same way, although there are some common fits (a.k.a. doctrines) being used. If you have some knowledge about those common fits you could fit to fight against them. You can also “Show Info” on your enemy’s ship to see the general resists of the ship (s)he is flying.

I can say with reasonably confidence that most will try to omni-tank their ships as they do not know which ships they will meet beforehand

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EM and explosive are usually your best bet.

Thanks for the reply @ISD_Sakimura. I understand there any many variations in fits and styles of flying but surely there must be an advantage even if you only know a ship is Shield or Armour in terms of picking an appropriate damage type to use against that kind of ship. So if I was to attack a Drake for example I know that it will probably be shield fit so what damage type is best against shields?

I know people plug resist holes most of the time too, but it was really just to get a rough idea of what to use so I don’t choose a completely wrong ammo type, be that in the ammo for weapons or drones.

Actually Them and Explosive are probably the best bet :slight_smile:

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Ratters: The opposite from what the rats are shooting.

PvP Shield fits: EM unless they have plugged their EM resist hole, in which case thermal.
PvP Armour fits: Explosive unless they have plugged their Exp resist hole, in which case kinetic or thermal.

OK, so it looks like thermal is a good default to have. Thanks all

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