Chaos Era Continues - Cyno Update

Eves Age of Midlife Crisis

Hats off to CCP Graphic designers for Keeping the game still looking this good and the developers that have got the game working in 64bit. Balance designers really need a bit of education surely they could poach one from another MMO for a couple of months to give them a heads up of how to balance a game.

CCP is running short of the types of Devs needed for this type of work and/or the £$/will to employ them (CCP have always been cheap… but they consciously shifted away from game design to income generation) - emphasis and investment is seemingly on graphics (skins - but thats a misnomer as skins are damnably easy to create in EVE with their tool - literally no effort on the most part - )

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I think they already are

Good luck lighting that cyno SOON TM

There are these things called interdictors.

You can strategically place them towards say a cyno beacon. Man…

Well, you have made my choice easy, small/medium alliances are dead. Null is great to roam about in, but its stupid to live there now, very high costs in terms of isk investement in ships and ifrastructure, all the effort behind the scenes. Just so you can make less than doing burners or abyssals in hisec or lvl4 fw missions in lowsec. Im out of null, i play the game to relax with 1 account, and this is just not feasible in null now. Thank you for killing my corp/alliance ccp, great job.


well we could all just go back to hs and become alphas and run hs incusions :rofl:

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Maybe they should just get rid of the Chinese in the next expansion. (Contraction?)

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totally regret resubbing again, (6-months plan) i just wasted money on CCP dumb devs payoll. glad i didnt resub the other 3 accounts tho,

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well, everytime we visit Hisec, we see you whining all the time.

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I imagine something like;

Multiple rounds of beer pong at lunch time followed by extremely serious talks about how to screw over the majority of nul to try and fix a fairly localised issue .
Goes something like;
Hilmar; Hey if i get this ball into the glass we’ll do XyZ which will affect everyone in ways we could never foresee because AbC and a couple of other coalitions are too rich and a bunch of EX players on Reddit said this is how we fix it.
Hilmar got the ball in the glass.,.

A few weeks later - Beer pong at 11.30 guys, 1PM is design meeting, we need to be ready.
Management; Seems XyZ didn’t really affect AbC and the others as we’d hoped. Any suggestions?

Dev; I say we Find a way to create real balance, that will affect all of Sov nul equally over the next 2 or 3 years.

Management; Fuk that what can we do to screw over as many older, dedicated players who have spent years playing the game just the way we let them, NOW not in 2 or 3 years.

Dev; Do we really want to risk pushing our dedicated player base this way?

Management; Fukem, if they can’t accept draconian changes that we come up with after beer pong - Let’em quit

NB; Years ago I had a job where executive decisions were made over liquid lunches at the local - They went broke in under two years.,.

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Thanks CCP
Just moved my 3 Omega cyno accounts to Alpha since I won’t be in JF’s anymore.
Now what will I do with the $500 a year extra i’ll have, Star Citizen?


You know JFs are easier to move, right? Covert cynoes are tits


How dare you bring logic in this thread! :rofl:

Did I interrupt the salt?

My bad

ever heard of scorch?
no problem there

Stop trying to use logic and reason to prove that the ability to jump to covert cyno’s is a massive ■■■■■■■ buff

I mean being able to jump JF’s in to a cyno jammed system isn’t awesome, the ability to not broadcast your cyno to local and it only lasting 60 seconds and be on a cloak equipped ship isn’t awesome

But yeah some people seem to forget that covert cyno’s are just straight up better than their non-covert brothers :stuck_out_tongue:

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This September we are planning two large changes for Cynosural Fields:

Cynosural Field Generator I can only be fit by Force Recon Ships and Black Ops Battleships (note: these classes can still fit covert cynos)
Jump Freighters can jump to Covert Cynosural Fields

During this era of chaos we are eager to introduce new challenges for veteran pilots while working towards a deeper and more balanced capital meta.

So your challenge is to make the game more boring ?
Actually, its just more gameplay becoming less accessible for the bucks !

Historically, cynos have been extremely flexible. They can be used on flocks of alts at nearly no risk or used by the largest and strongest ships in the game.
With few options for cyno disruption, capital response time and power has grown to the point that it’s oppressing activity.

Historically, the game used to be fun. Ive started to play this game in 2006 and stopped in 2011 because CCP was having to much fun castrating the game
I recently tried come back to the game and actually it feel like swallowing your own vomit, Thank to CCP
I guess that was predictable when you hire 95 IQ peoples at the game design desk.

This change will make it more complex and demanding to get capitals to the field quickly and give more strategic options for those wishing to disrupt capital response.

This will make it more complex the move for singles players trying to move their shits together, if you think you will stop or even make it harder for large alliances that already has established stronghold
your dumber that its possible to image.

This is going to enforce the supremacy of very large and well developed alliance and stroke down the smallest that would try the null sec.
it will be, of course, more complicated for large alliance for sure but the fact is that large alliance has the logistics to deal with and keep the same deployment speed and efficiency
as before but will certainly slow down the smallest.

So expect the opposite effect of your goal and losing more players

The other aspect of this i can see is that the price of the recon class and the Black ops will become absurdly high affecting or even destroying the core recon / blackops gameplay… or what remain of it
More game play aspect of the game becoming less accessible to players, once again thanks CCP.

While most of the impact from this change is on combat, we are sensitive to the effect on Jump Freighters and logistics overall.
Jump Freighters will be allowed to use Covert Cynos which can be activated by cheaper hulls like Covert Ops Frigates.

:roll_eyes: are you trying to make this game kind of simcity space bull crap or something where players can ■■■■ keepstars everywhere ?
focusing on industrial and productivities while killing the PVP.

This may need further attention and we will be watching this area very closely.

This pretty much sound like if you were playing russian roulette with the game

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