Char sold

I am selling this character and her sister: Kayden Ripley

Eveboard links:

Christina Ripley

Some important skills:

Capital Ships IV
Caldari Carrier V
Fighters V
Capital Shield Operation V
Heavy/Light/Support Fighters IV

Char has a positive wallet and security status, no killrights or assets and 1 + 1 bonus remap available. Char is located in Caldari highsec. I will pay the transfer fee and all CCP rules apply.

Auction will run for 1 week from the time of this post.

Starting bid is 18B, Buyout is 25B

25b b/o

Buyout accepted, but i’ve noticed you bought another char.

This one is available if you want it.

Yeah I still want it. I’ll transfer the isk in about an hour.

isk and account info sent

Transfer started:

Character Name: Christina Ripley

Will be completed after: 12/14/2017 7:56:22 AM

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transfer email received. thank you.

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