Character sold

Frigate/Destroyer character.
Clean history apart from Fed FW and default corp.
Great character name.
Clean security status.
Clean kill rights.
Clean Zkillboard
Clean wallet.
Complete +3 implant set installed.
Located in high-security space.
2 available remaps.
Caldari Frigate, Destroyer & Cruiser @ 4. 1.5 million SP in missiles.

Asking 3 bill ISK buy out for a clean, faction warfare, missiles orientated character.

Offering 3.5b for this character

Hello FarosWarrior. Make it 3.7 billion ISK and we have a deal.

Have agreed on a different char (also yours? :wink: )

Best of luck selling this one!

retracted, LF more SP for the isk

No worries.

Standings for character are 0.0 across the board. Welcome to her for 3.5 billion ISK.


Still for sale. Bump.

This great starting character is still for sale. Don’t miss out.

Don’t miss out on this great starting character. Use her as a scout, an FW character. An entry into PVP or maybe a future wormhole pilot.

il give ya 2.5 for it

Blockquote il give ya 2.5 for it

Thank you for engaging but your 2.5bill offer is below the asking price of 3bill which is an already reduced price. This character currently has 4.88 million SP spread out over missiles, spaceship command, shields, and engineering. It will make an excellent starting platform for a future owner.

Bids below the reduced asking price will be ignored. Thanks for understanding.

Do you have a need for a skilled character now? Don’t want to wait while your alpha toon trains?

Ashley is still here and still for sale. A great character with nearly 5 million skill points.

Ill bite, 3b b/o

Sold. Please transfer ISK and account name to transfer too. Thanks.

ISK and Info sent. Awaiting transfer.

Account transfer underway. Thanks.

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