Caldari PVP Alpha character for sale

PVP Alpha toon for sale
Pandemic Horde history. (Don’t be a hater)
Great character name.
Clean security status.
Clean kill rights.
Clean wallet.
Located in high-security space.
2 available remaps.
Caldari Frigate, Destroyer & Cruiser @ 4. 2.1 million SP in missiles.

Asking 4.5bill ISK buy out.

Offering 3.5b

Faroswarrior, I’m prepared to let this character go for 4 billion ISK.

Final offer of 3.999.999.999,99 isk because of the Horde history.

Just kidding, can you please send me an evemail to FarosWarrior? Will send the isk and account info later today when I get home from work.

4b is agreed!

4bill confirmed.

Sent an evemail in-game. Please send me the ISK and the account details and I will transfer the character once I wake up. (about to get some sleep).


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