Char sold

Selling myself:

18.3M SP and 256k unallocated

This character was designed to provide fleet support/booster links. Maxed out Fleet Support skills, specced specifically to pilot a Loki. She is ready to be specialized into whatever direction you desire.

All the following at Level V: Armored Command, Command Burst Specialist, Information Command, Leadership, Shield Command Specialist, Skirmish Command Specialist, Wing Command, Armored Command Specialist, Information Command Specialist, Shield Command, Skirmish Command

Have full jackal set of implants, skirmish command mindlink, others - see eveboard.

Pos sec status, no kill rights, in high sec, pos wallet.
Remap available, 1 bonus remap available

Make me an offer.

14 billion

14.5 bil

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bump Looking for a bit more.

bump, giving it 24hr

Beekillrz is winner - send isk and eve mail account info and all set.

isk & mail sent.

transfer initiated

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