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Hi, I was wondering how I can get a mask or a hood on my character or avatar? I’ve seen them on other pilots but don’t seem to find them on the market.

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Buy the related apparel then equip it using the character customization service in a station which has such feature listed in its services tab. You will have to have the apparel in the items hangar in the station when you open the char customization service so it shows up in the customization interface among the default clothes.

Edit: Forgot to include that if you don’t find them searching on the regular market then you can either get them from the contract market (look up public contracts) or the NES (CCP’s New Eden Store where you can buy stuff for PLEX :credit_card: ).

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Some items, like hoods, are racial locked, in this case to Amarr characters. There may be similar or related items available on the market (in-game or NES) though as Uriel said, although I don’t ever recall seeing a hood-like clothing item you can buy.

As @Black_Pedro notes, the hood that looks like that of a mediaeval monk can only be selected by Amarr characters and is not a market item.

You may have also seen characters with a hooded mask that has a kind of metal plate obscuring the face (a bit like Dr Doom from Fantastic 4). This is Triglavian apparel, and can be found on the market - though it tends to be reasonably expensive if you are new.

There are also various forms of ‘goggles’ which are mask-like, again obtainable on the market.

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