Character is sold

Positive wallet, no killrights,i will pay transfer with PLEX.

i want to buy Alija char with 16bil.

Ready to Pay

Ali 21,5 b

how much are you looking for?

23 b for Alija

Radapont 25,5b ready

Is this an auction or price check?

Hello thnx for your offers, both characters are for sell,
Current offer for Alija:24 bill ingame

Radapont:25.5 bil

Links are not yet updated, in the process.
Also both characters have free SP from CCP last event

radapont 26b

Alija buyout is : 25,5bil ( with free 1mil SP)
Radapont:30 bil ( with 1mil free SP)

The SP are worth 1bil at current extractor-injectors price, so that’s a bonus for each character.
After DT I will be online so anyone who hits B/O can do quick trade.

Also I will pay for transfer via PLEX.

Confirming i am for sell,

Locateted in NPC corp in hisec

Curent offer : 28 bil

Bare in mind that character come with 1,2m free SP ,and comes with scanning skills for extracting and free plexing.

B/O lowered :
Radapont B/O: 29 bil ,or 28bil without 1mil SP

Alija B/O : 25 bil,or 24 without 1mil SP

Daily bump

Any other offers? I am willing to reduce BO price little bit more for serious buyers

daily bump

B/O reduced

Alija : ----24Bil
Radapont : ----28 bil

daily update!

Daily Update.

Radapont 28b with the 1mil free sp

Eveskillboard is updated, i will accept 28 bil B/O for Radapont, but without 1mil so.

Without i can offer 27b