Character is sold

EveBoard down
Skills Linkage

Key ID: 6680311
V Code: 0SzwMjFO0mdwWzNJfRhcS7uzmDFAm0Dad6VyDcBNzpXsrSACc3MzCkgdbOSGFupw

HG set of slaves

59M SP
Perfect skills for the ship

Bidding starts at 55B
500M min bid.

45 bil

46 billion.

47 bil

48 billion.

48.5 bil

55 bil

still for sale

fake bidding, you can enjoy waiting… 100% seller’s alt trying to pump up the price. watch this thread goes down with no buyer… mark my words

the seller knows that its not a fake
my offer of 55b is still valid

still for sale.

My offer 56b

offering 56.5b

60b B/O


still for sale, sale will end 24 hours after last bid. (starting now)

Final bid to Whoopthis, awaiting ISK + account info for transfer.

ISK and account info sent, thanks.

Its processing, enjoy!

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