Its only 17mil sp. 15b ready now.

Sorry, but minimal price is 16 bil.

Ok 16b and ready now i think you wont get more.

16 bil from STALIN BEST - bid accepted.

Waiting 01.09.2017


Is this still available?

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Next step 17.

Or you wanna give buyout price?

16.5 bil - bid accepted

I want to see his skills

Please post skills link. If decent I bid 17bil

Let retracted. Don’t trust without skills link.

Sorry. im forgot it… corrected.

are you need it character?

Sorry. im forgot it… corrected.

lastest bid 16,5 is yours.

waiting new bids!

daily bump


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17 bil from STALIN_BEST - bid accepted.

17 bil from STALIN_BEST WIN!

Waiting isk.

Isk and account name sent.

money returned. the transaction is canceled.