Character is sold

Hello, I am for sale.

Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
No jump clones.
Character is located in Jita.

2 remaps available
about 2 weeks from ‘panic’ button.
nearly able to fly cheap Thanatos.
has some random skills in some places.

B/O 23B

I reserve the right to refuse sale at any point.

Help bump and offer 20b for this toon.

current offer is 20B. I will run this for 48 more hours.




current is 21B. Kaldor Reidenshi, B/O has been lowered to 23B.

okay, I agree to 23b

B/O has been accepted. I apologize for not checking back as much. I am standing by to receive payment and then begin transfer.

isk has been received, moving off character and then will begin transfer process.

money sent
account wrote a letter to the character Reginaldthe4th Charante

experiencing issues with the webpage, I apologize that this is taking longer than expected for confirmation of the transfer.

character transfer has been initiated, my fault for the extended time period.

waiting for character transfer =)

character should transfer within 10 hours per CCP’s guidelines.

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