WTS Thanatos Pilot [SOLD]


Set of +4’s

2 Remaps available

Positive sec status

Character in NPC corp

Sensible offers please


Offering 11b, online and ready to transfer


12bil, ready to transfer now

12.5b online and ready to transfer

14b B/O online now

ill do that 18b B/O if you can start transfer tonight.

I can do it right now.

Sending isk and account name

Isk and account name sent.

Isk received. starting transfer

Have you started the transfer?

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Sorry for the delay but I tried to transfer that character last night while I still had the skill que active so had to go back and cancel the que. I then went back to try and transfer the char saying that the target char was already in a transfer but I hadn’t paid any money and hadn’t received a receipt for it so I made a ticket to support to sort it out But I have just tried to transfer it again and its worked. Sorry for the delay character should be with you by 02:00 EVE time.

Ah okey no problem and thank you

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