[SOLD]WTS 9.5M SP Thanatos Pilot


Positive wallet
No killrights
Amsen system
no jump clones

Starting bid 9b and 9b buy out


How about 8 billion?

8b may be a little under my estimate

How much do you expect ?

8.5 bil

i expect 9b

BUMP 9B is now a buyout price

well, 8.5b is not bad, are you stiil going to buy this with 8.5b?


Is your transfer method 20 dollars or 1000 plex?

i will pay 9 bill, reply in game message.

If the 9bil offer falls through i will offer the 9 bil,

replied you in game

Replied, i am available for next 1-2 hours and can send isk and account info. please confirm

confirm, as soon as you send isk together the account to be transferred to, i will start the transfer

sending in next 10 min

Account info and ISK sent

sorry for replying later, i will start transfer in 5 minutes

character transfer receipt