I am for sale!
Great Thanatos Pilot
In HS Station
No Killrights
In NPC Corp
In training Pod in Jita
Starting Bid 80 B
B/O 95B

85B offer

Offer noted. Highest bid at 00:00 Eve time will take it! :slight_smile:

offer accepted. Send isk and acct name! :slight_smile:

Send Isk , Account info

Isk/acct info recieved.
seeing this when trying to transfer. reaching out to supp

:unamused: Contact will take a long time, but give me the money back.
Please get back to me when the problem is resolved.

will do sending back in a moment

Isk Returned. CCPlz

88B offer

Offer noted. Waiting to hear when can transfer char then will update post :slight_smile:

89B offer
Cancel BID

Holy… dude. I bought you already. Log out and log in to another character please.

Context: 【SOLD】WTS 53M 4strategic Cruiser Vargur Naglfar - #12 by NInghai_Kanjus

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Possible this character was involved in something shady that would make trading invalid

I’ve had the guy for some 10 years now. Not sure what i’ve done :frowning:

Idk ive never seen that before.

Accounts that have been previously banned for macro use are not eligible for character sales.

Not sure if youve been banned before. Curious to see what support says

Did you find out what was up with your account?

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