Character Sell Off

Selling a handful of characters.

All have positive wallets, will be located in Jita 4-4 and will be in a NPC corp.
I will be paying all CCP fees.

  1. Momonai Onmaimind 5.1m SP-

Starter Vindicator pilot for Incursions (Isk Printing in Highsec). Clone has solid +5 implants for flying the ship.

B/O 4.8 Bil

  1. Goldminer004 5m SP-

Standard Starter - B/O 3.8 Bil

  1. Goldeminer003 5.5m SP -

Another standard starter - B?O 4 Bil

  1. Goldminer002 5.4m SP -

Standard starter - B/O 3.9 Bil

  1. Convict 42791 5.5m SP -

Combat starter! B/O 4 Bil

All characters will post after this to confirm for sale. Please allow me a few minutes to do this.

Thank you!

Confirming For Sale!

Confirming For Sale!!

Confirming for Sale!!!

Confirming for Sale!!!

Confirming for Sale!!!

they should have a better name miner004 is what im looking for but the name quite bored!

Daily Bump

I am sorry for the naming convention, these characters were meant to become part of a industrial squad.

Once more daily boomp

Keeping it up top

Keeping it up

Quick stiff upper

1.2 bil

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