Character Sold

Location High Sec
Positive Sec Status
No bounties, Killrights for or against.
No notable assets or skins included
Positive wallet, no actions against
In NPC corp (Royal Amarr Institute) No other corp history

9.5B start, all offers here as account infrequently used.
Auction ends May 25, 2019 unless BO accepted before this date.

10 bil

11.5 bil b/o

Buyout accepted, please send the ISK to Lycena along with your account name for to receive the character I will mail you in game when the transfer has been initiated. Thank you!

Aplogies, was logged onto the wrong char. Buyout accepted as above

isk and account info sent

Transaction successful, please wait the mandatory cool down period to receive the character per CCP. Appreciate the sale :slight_smile:

thank you very much

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