6652667 SP

Buyout 7 Bil ISK

Great name

NPC corp

Located in Amarr

Improved implants +5

No jump clones

Positive wallet - 401 ISK

No kill rights

Mining foreman V

Leadership V

Industrial Command Ships V

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Can you set your link to public, (Defalut is private), can not view it.

4bil offer

I believe it’s set to public. At least I don’t see an option to set it to private.

Thanks for your offer but I’m looking for a bit more than 4 bil

I think that means it is set to private…not sure though.

Is it working now?

yes, thank you

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Retracted got a pilot.

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BUMP! Still for sale!

4.5bil offer

Thanks for your offer, but it’s a bit too low

BUMP! Still for sale!

Buyout 7 billion ISK let me know when to send it so we can start the Transfer

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Thanks for your offer! Please contact me in game with your account details and send ISK. I’ll start the transfer as soon as I’ll get home tonight.

Edit: about 4 hours from now.

ok i sent the 7 billion ISK what details do you need i will send you mail or put it in a chat what ever works best for you i just need to know what you need for character transfer