Character SOLD

Character is:

  • In a NPC corporation.
  • Docked in Jita
  • No Killrights
  • Positive Wallet
  • 5.01 security Status

4 Remaps Available (3 bonus, 1 yearly)
+3 Implant set

Good fitting skills, can quickly train into Rorqual, logistics cruisers, or FAX.
All skillbooks for Rorqual already injected.
Character born 2010
PW: 123456

Starting bid 9b
Buyout: 14b
All CCP rules apply

Bumpety Bump

bump for the day

Daily Bump

Daily bump, minimum price lowered.

Daily bump, starting bid lowered, buyout added! Please reply in this thread with offers

Daily Bump! Still for sale

I’ll take it for 8 billion if you’re willing.

9b and he’s yours

Sure why not, I like the name. I’ll send ISK and details here in a moment.

Isk recieved, transfer initiated, thank you for your business!

Character received. Thank you!

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