Character sold

6b offer

Its goo char, but no cyvbernetic 5

I offer you now 10b , is the value of the character aprox.

isk in hand.

Answer the thread if interested.

Accepted offer eynsane

I assume me.

Isk and account sent. Can u say in what system is him ?

isk receive, char sent

he is in jita

thank you

Thanks for the businness.

Housten, we have a Problem.

You transfer to me Brodie Abadir , no Cooper94

Can u please put the eve skillboard of the sent character ?

Houston, we have a Problem.

You transfer to me

the character you must sent was

I assume this si an error, and probably CCP can swap the wrong character or reversal the operation to e trasferred the right character.

I am VERY Interested in cooper94 for the specific skills he have.

Support Request #1405670

hello, this was a mistake obviously, I will send the new one over now and ask for a refund if possible on the other character. Sorry about that.

I seek u in a moment as eynsane, pleae log in to chat

Pm in-game please

Sent character, hopefully right one this time :slight_smile:

Lol =P

As happen in chat, the character will be sent to


instead and i am asking the ticket and the thread to refund to you.

Dont worry.

You do it again, you sent me ANOTHER WRONG character.

Brodie Kins

I m asking them to reversal BOTH transfers, i have not other account to tranfer the correct one.

When all is ok, lease sent me the character to the FIRST account i sent to you, the one with 02 finisher.

I will get this fixed, someting is not right., I’m clicking correct thing. Sending correct one now.

i am online again.

He say he are using the right character, but well, i am interested in the char. and his support ticket is 1405698

if a direct swa is possible ok, i am intereted in receive the chacater in the first account, and will be outside the city tomorrow.

Have a nice night .

Finally i receive cooper94.

Many thanks to CCP to fix this mess =P

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