Character Sold

Transfer Started,

Pale Beard

Firm Price 30 Billion

Location: Jinkah 0.8
Positive Wallet
Security Status 5.0
No Kill Rights

Can Fly: Assault Frigate, HIC, HAC, Marauder, Strategic Cruiser, Tactical Destroyer, Stealth Bomber, Covert Ops

19b.o ?

Please just add the Character Location and you Post ist perfect :wink:

I offer 20b, do you accept it.

Thank you both for the offers, but i am firm on 30, i am not in hurry.

Would you take 25?

Thank you for offer miner197, but 30 is what i am looking for.

I’ll buy it, 30b

Send me the account info and isk, ill get transfer going asap

Sent via mail ingame isk also sent

Started Transfer


07 Jul 2022 20:27

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method
Visa *

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