Character Sold

Selling this character. Perfect Avatar / Ragnarok Pilot

Looking for offers north of 80B
NPC corporation, low sec location
No kill rights
Wallet green
Implant Sets: HG Amulets, MG Amulets, MG Nomads all in lowsec

80B offer

Thread reopned.

81b offer

82B offer

83b offer

84B offer


Will accept 85B in the morning if no higher bids come through.

I’m still out and I’ll pay when I get home, if no one else makes a bid.

86 bill

87b offer

90b offer

92b offer

95b offer

Will accept 95b Drol, send evemail and isk to Selina Alabel ingame and ill initiate the transfer ty o7

isk and evemail sent

Character transfer initiated. Feb 01, 2024 12:19 PM