!Sold! Wts 39mil sp Vargur/Logi cruiser pilot

Let’s see if there is any interest

Positive wallet balance
No killrights
+5 learning clone
Located in Jita 4-4

Work is boring today, so I’m altering the deal
Instant buyout 35bil
Or whatever offer I feel like accepting at anytime with no explanation or apology :kissing:

She’s witty, she’s pretty, shes got golden… personality :wink:

Happy bidding :grin:

Offer 18b

20b bid

28 billion

30 billion

Augury Bump

33B ,i offer,I think this is a price you can accept, right?

Yes, send isk and account info and I can begin transfer

Oh, thank you very much for agreeing. I am still working and it may take three to four hours to get home. I will transfer the money as soon as I log in to the game. Could you please wait for me.

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I can wait, but am just getting up to go to work now myself, but don’t worry, you won and I’ll transfer to you when I get home if I leave before you make it back

I transferred the money to you not long ago, and I forgot to send you a message from the forum. Please start the transfer according to the email.

Thank you for your patience, I have returned from work and will begin the transfer now. Fastest way to confirm that the character is transferring is to login to the account management page and click transfer character towards the bottom of the page, you will see any character in the transfer process there :grin:

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