Character sold

No Kill Rights.
No Bounty.
In High Sec.
Positive Wallet.

B/O Make an offer.

I apologize, my financial backer backed out. :frowning: I will not be able to purchase this character. Good luck, it’s a great one.

B/O accepted send isk and acct. info and I will transfer character.

Okies no problem m8 Character still for sale.


32 Bil too low sorry.

33 bil

Hoping for a bit more but thanks for the offer.


36 billion b/o

36bil is ok send risk and acct. Details.

I’m at work now so best if you can wait 8 hours until I get home.

sounds good. Let me know when you’re ready.

Ready whenever send isk and details please.

isk and account details sent

Transfer in progess ty.

email confirmation received thanks.

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