Character SOLD

(Snice) #1

This character is fully skilled for Gallente Anshar Jump Freighter Probrably one of the best around.

Started as Ice miner hence the name :slight_smile:

Full set of Nomads installed…

18 mil SP with 19 JF skills at level 5

Remap available and two bonus remaps as well.

Snice PW sale

In Npc
Located in Perimeter Hi Sec (next door to jita)
No kill rights
Positive sec status
Ready for immediate transfer.

All CCP rules and regs to be adhered to…

Serious offers only…

(Sisa Amatin) #2

12.0 b

(Mr Slavey) #3

13b offer

(Snice) #4

Thanks for the offers but no where near yet… Bump

(Porke) #5

Dont see any skilsl on eveboard by your link. Eveboard is not working anymore, repost your character on and possible i will buy it.

(Snice) #6

Character now sold… thanks for the in game bids

(system) #7

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