SOLD Focused Anshar Jump Freighter Pilot 17m+ SP


I am for sale.

Eveboard: PW: 123
Eveskillboard: PW: 123

The two skillboard pages may not resemble the actual current SP / skill status due to their updating frequency. The actual SP count is displayed (at time of posting) in EVEMon and in game as over 17 Million.

Major Selling points

  • JDC 5
  • JFC 5
  • Evasive Maneuvering 5
  • Gallente Freighter 5

Will finish training Jump Freighters 5 on Monday, 2018.03.26 – 17:01 EVE time according to in game info.

Skill queue contains Interceptors 1, Shield Upgrades 1, Tactical Shield Manipulation 1, and Gallente Frigate 5 for a travel Ares with meta MSE and meta Adaptive Invuln. Queue can finish before multiple character training runs out (2018.04.04) if not sold by then.

Additional skills worth mentioning

  • Armor Compensation skills to 4
  • Hull Upgrades 5
  • Mechanics 5
  • Shield Management 4
  • Capacitor Management 4
  • Capacitor Systems Operation 4
  • Cybernetics 5
  • Informorph Psychology 4
  • Informorph Synchronizing 4

Character outlines + required info as per Character Bazaar rules

  • Can fly Anshar with the usual lowslot options
  • Currently on a Per/Wil remap. Regular yearly Remap available plus one Bonus Remap.
  • Character is in an NPC corporation
  • 3,2 Security Status
  • Positive Wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Med-Clone is in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant with the implants listed on Eveboard and Eveskillboard
  • No jump clones installed

10 bil

12 bil

Received in game offer of 14b

15B offer

Looking for a little more


Is this toon still for sale?

Yes it is

16 bil

18B offer

19Bil offer

I am inclined to accept Mei Hitori’s offer. I will do so if there are no higher bids by 22.00 EVE time.

Sold to Mei Hitori for 19b as offered Mar 30, 3:49 PM. Awaiting ISK and Account Info.

Hello Katarina

Im really sorry to inform you that i made a mistake in my calculations and i wont be able to afford this transaction at the moment i apologize for the inconvenience

@Quella_Ice Offer still valid?

Will pay 22 bil for Pilot WITH Fullt for freighter

Will offer 19B.

@Quing_Fei I accept your offer. Will initiate transfer via ticket with PLEX once ISK and account info have been sent.

ISK and account info received. Ticket sent a minute ago.