Price check/sell, 65mil SP Amarr focused pilot, possible sale

I am looking for a price check,

65Mil sp, Capital ships 4 needed for Archon, almost all other skills already trained, Can fly revelation.

there is a bit of wasted SP here and there

Open to reasonable offers and I may possibly sell


is that an offer? or is that your estimated value?

offer 45b Can trade

I dont need a trade but im happy to sell if you are happy?

44B Offer

First of you to message me ingame with the offer can take the Character

Opened a chat ingame

Sorry i missed it but i replied to your mail ingame

45.5to buy your acc

45.5b if you want sell it. pls call me

Hi CEZ, i have agreed to a deal with Doughar, if that does not materialize we can chat

my price higher than ccp rules i win the acc.

ISK and accountname is send

No it is not; You are trying to steal agreed deal…

Sale topic created Doughar

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