For Sale Pure Amarr Cap Pilot BS/Carrier/SC/ Lvl 5 etc 52m SP

So what is your start price and b/o? As for coco rule you need more information to sell this char.

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Willing to sell him for a price over and above the cost of sucking the skills out of his brain with a straw :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’d like to think the value of this character would be higher seeing as I’m coming from a more genteel age of EvE when focused skill training actually mattered… but if not its just the highest price the customer will pay, I suppose…

Yes it worth more than the s value but how much you want than?

The char should be in a npc Corp and the wallet status and other information should be attached with. You can check other articles as model.

I love this char and want to lock deal, waiting for your honest answer

Make me an honest offer :wink:

How about we start by 32.5?

Bid accepted, thank you, will leave my alt corporation now and wait if anyone wants to make a better offer, wallet etc is positive, plus any trash assets I don’t transfer out… but nothing special

you still need to follow the ccp rule

please follow the rules for selling a char

when is the time for the deal close?

hope you well and still ,do you still want to sell this char?

Still waiting

Still waiting