Character transfers


Anyone here have experience buying characters on the forum?
Seller paid for transfer with plex.
It’s been 4 days and the char is not transfered yet.

How long does it usually take?
And yes I did a petition 4 days ago…

Mine took 3 weeks, but that was over the holidays and I was told the ticket got mixed up. Other people have said it was 2 days, so sadly at the moment…results may vary.

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i think 4 days is still ok … it took 3 to 4 days when i bought a PI char some time ago

i think i got info mails for the start of the prozess but i am not sure


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Using PLEX to transfer always takes a little longer.

A GM has to manually remove the Plex, then manually move the character.

If Support is busy, then it will take longer. If support is not, it will take less time.

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