Characters/{Character_Name}/search/ gone?

As per the title, has the search for character ID from provided character name been recently binned? All I am getting from character name search is a 404 error. Any advice would be most welcome on this as, if this is the case, a project I have been working on is now hopelessly broken :frowning:

To clarify, the full search URL up until recently was:{character_name}&strict=true

^^Returns a 404 error

To be clear, the title of your thread and the example URL you provided are different endpoints. See esi-issues/ at master ยท esi/esi-issues ยท GitHub. There is now only an authenticated search endpoint which you must use instead of the old unauthed /search endpoint.

The original URL was too long to put in the title so I truncated it, but thanks for clearing it up :slight_smile:

It might help to know what you are trying to accomplish

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