Chatelain Auxiliary Response is Recruiting (EUtz)

Do you enjoy or do you want to learn about small gang PvP? Are you interested in contributing to the earliest stages of a focused project with a small group of easy going people who enjoy EvE but don’t care about being ‘elite’? Above all, would you like to have a goal in pursuing PvP beyond the obvious ‘good fights’? If so, read on; this advert is aimed at you!

Chatelain Auxiliary Response is a new corporation aimed at providing defensive, force multiplication, logistical and intelligence services to corporate clients. At this stage in our development we are looking for opportunities to establish a track record (and have fun) rather than to charge clients for services.

The corp’s objective does not prevent members from pursuing whatever other goals they want to individually; there is no expectation to wear a ‘White Hat’ but members should be mindful that a killboard full of mining and hauling ships is likely to deter some clients.

At the moment, our online window runs from EvE about 1700 through a peak at about 2200 to about 0400. We’re all in different time zones, don’t worry, we don’t each log in for 11 hours a day!

Our ideal candidates would be able to log in at some point during that window, and say ‘yes’ to the three questions at the start. We would also expect members to be ISK self-sufficient and highly encourage them to take an active role in creating content for themselves and for the corp. This means building a network of contacts, getting in touch with potential clients and developing opportunities to help them.

If active combat is not your thing, you could still contribute by acting as a scout and/or focusing on intel research. If you would like to learn about PvP but don’t have much experience, we do not claim to be masters of it by any stretch of the imagination but are happy to support your learning and will not criticize you for losing ships as you do.

If you would like to get in touch, please drop any of our members a mail, join our in game channel (Chatelain Auxiliary Response) or our Discord.

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