Christian group

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I am christian. Allahu shalom, brother.


You mean Alex, right?

Fly safe man! I am a believer myself. But… wrong forum. GD is not at all about suchthings. OOPE is always pretty dead, we talk about things like that around there


Isnt there an lds corp? I saw the ad in game on the billboards. Thats close enough isnt it. Mormons beleive in jesus right? Just not the same jesus. But close enough i think.

Now I have to go make a Jesus look-alike alt and introduce Deus Vult to EVE.


If you create a channel with that char, make sure you demand 10% of all the members earnings so it looks legit.

I cant do that.
That would be usury and charging to enter the temple/church.

Yeah, I’m not super familiar with the real thing, but I don’t think thats how the scam works, it’s not an entrance fee.

You charge them on the way out and call it alms for the poor. It’s entirely voluntary but you make those who don’t give feel guilty about it.


Exactly! You basically trick them into thinking they are better people if they give you the money, religion 101. Very EVE like.

In Germany people pay church tax.

That’s a tithe, Germany is not unique in that; although IIRC there are ways of not paying it there.

Ya’ll cowards need Jesus

That’s that spanish fella who owns a fruit stand on the corner right? Top bloke and good fruit too. 10/10 reccomend

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And how do you think the catholic church became so rich and powerful?

James 3:15
This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.


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Hello, you might find what you’re looking for in this sub-forum:

May you have much success.

The amarrian empire is recruiting.

I think that corp name is a bit tongue-in-cheek and they aren’t mormons at all.