:christmasparrot: Null Sec PEW PEW and Lulz - Come join the D-SCO! :christmasparrot:

D-SCO is recruiting and we’re looking for PVP interested Pilots.

Proud to call ourselves members of Silent Infinity alliance, We’re a friendly corp with a willingness to help out the old and the new. We’re a laid back crew with mature pilots who emphasise on providing FUN content.

Offering a great place to call “Home” We offer:

  • Regular corp roams and alliance fleets.
  • Occupancy and blue access to Providence through NRDS rules.
  • Mining boosts.
  • Safer haven systems for your ratting needs.
  • Strong sense of teamwork.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • Relaxed and mature corp environment.
  • RL comes first.

With no min SP requirements, This is a fantastic opportunity to join a growing corp and enjoy the riches and fun out in Null-Sec where NRDS policy is maintained.

Pop into our public channel “D-SCO Recruit” and come see what we can offer you or contact:

Logan Eto or StarGlider7

We’re looking for PvP orientated capsuleers wanting to join a fun loving and mature corp. If you’re looking for purpose and a good group of folk to spend time with getting into all sorts of shenanigans then you found it…

We look forward to welcoming you into our channel or mail us in-game!

Here we go!

Up we Go for (Yellow) Boxing Day … See what I did there?

Come join our public channel “D-SCO Recruit” and see what makes D-SCO a great place to be!

Start the New Year with some quality and fun folk…

Be part of one of the most progressive corps in Provi…

Drop into our public channel “D-SCO Recruit”

Up we pop!

We look forward to hearing from you folks!

And up!

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