Deep Space Coalition - EUTZ - PVP Nullsec Corp

Want to live in null but don’t know where? Want a relaxed corp environment where you don’t get pestered? Come speak to us!

We don’t care if you’re fairly new, or have taken a long break. All we care about is a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Our vice is PVP, be it gate camps, roams, blops and anything in between. But this is not limiting and all aspects of gameplay are welcome.

Part of Fraternity, one of Eve’s largest alliances, we offer a very safe and established environment.

See what we offer below:

  • EU TZ
  • Daily PVP fleets with experienced FCs
  • Intel channels
  • Standing/HD fleets
  • Access to 3 regions of space
  • Ratting/Mining to your heart’s content
  • Access to industrial structures
  • Incredible local market hub
  • Experienced pilots in all aspects
  • Friendly and relaxed corp environment

Join our channel “D-SCO Public” to chat to us or send a pm to Logan Eto to get started!

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