D-SCO is Recruiting!

This is a golden opportunity to join a rapidly expanding corp based in Null-Sec (Providence)

One of the most relaxed and friendliest corps in the known universe, we offer pilots a place to call home as part of the AFK alliance and a larger alliance coalition that is based in Providence.

Catering for all playing styles, our members benefit from some of the following:

  • Corp roams and alliance fleets.
  • Occupancy and blue access to Providence through NRDS rules.
  • Mining boosts.
  • Safer haven systems for your ratting needs.
  • Strong sense of teamwork.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • Relaxed, friendly and mature corp environment.

Recognizing that RL comes first, and with a strong emphasis on FUN, Deep Space Coalition is seeking mature and active pilots from all Time-Zones.

New members benefit from a wealth of experience, whether it’s Industrial, PvP, Mining, PI etc…etc…and we’re fortunate enough to have some quality team members who are more than happy to help.

Offering content, whether that be corp roams, alliance fleets, or just general tom-foolery, we would like to hear from both Veterans and Newbies alike who’d like to venture into Null.

We will require the following traits:

  • Mature and active pilot
  • Teamplayer
  • Fun First Mentality
    …and of course a Full API key!

Piqued your interest? … Drop into our recruitment channel “D-SCO Recruit” or drop Logan Eto a mail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Up We Go…

Come chat to us :smiley:

If you’re looking a place to call home, hang with some fun folk, and re-invigorate your gaming, THIS is the place to be.

Hey folks,

Our recruitment channel is still open so do feel free to come in for a chat. We look forward to getting to know new members!

Bumpidy bump

Hit us up in game folks :slight_smile:

Stop by our channel in-game or mail us folks. Recruitment is still on-going!

And up again

Recruitment is still open so we look forward to meeting you in-game! Stop by our recruitment channel or send us a mail folks!

And up again

We’re still recruiting folks!

If you’re looking for a friendly Null-Sec Corp whose main emphasis is FUN …then come and have a look at what we offer:

  • Regular Corp Ops - PVP/PVE
  • Industry Friendly - with mining boosts
  • Moon stuff - shiny roids
  • Experience and training - Friendly members happy to help
  • FUN content

to name but a few…

Come and have a chat to us and find a place to call home.

Drop into our recruitment channel “D-SCO Recruit” or drop Logan Eto a mail.

And up we go.

Stop by and contact us in game folks!

Recruitment is still open. Stop by our recruitment channel folks!

Pilots, Come join the Party!

We have so much to offer the right Capsuleer, as listed above, but then there’s so much more…

Drop into our recruitment channel “D-SCO Recruit” and find out why we’re one of the most progressive corps in Provi.


We’re still looking for capsuleers wanting to join a fun loving and mature corp. If you’re looking for purpose and a good group of folk to spend time with getting into all sorts of shenanigans then you found it…

We look forward to welcoming you into our channel or mail us in-game!

And up we go

And… up!

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