(C4 WH Corp) D-SCO is now recruiting!

D-SCO is a proud (& founding) member of “A Class Apart Alliance.”

We are seeking like minded capsuleers to join our W/Hole Corp and get in on the fun and action.

Living in a C4 Wormhole with a C3 / C4 Static, We offer some awesome content and huge Isk making opportunities.

Ideally, you will be PVP experienced however we also offer superb industrial opportunities as well.

What we offer :

Regular Ops (PVP/PVE)
NBSI Policy
Biscuits and more!..come chat to us and find out!

With no Time Zone exclusions, We would like to hear from active players to join us, living the Wormhole life!

In the first instance, Please contact Starglider7 or Logan Eto via EvEmail or drop into our public channel: “D-SCO Recruit” for an informal chat.

Take the time to get to know us folks. We’re not your usual generic corp that mass recruits everyone. We are a tight knit group of pilots who really enjoy doing things together.

Content is something you won’t be short of. Be it PvP roams, PvE sites in our C3 or C4 statics, great PI, or industry, we have the right tools for you to work with.

Stop by our recruitment channel and be a part of a friendly community of folk that enjoy working together.

Check out our alliance website for more info about who we are: http://aclassapart.net/

Up We Go ! …

Recruitment is still open and we’re seeking Pilots of all abilities to come chill with us.

Offering some fantastic content, why log on and do the “same old” ?

If you’re looking for quality gaming with some experienced and relaxed folk who put the emphasis on fun, Then drop into our recruitment channel, come have a chat, and see why we’re anything but the “same old”

Stop by and have a chat with us folks. Our recruitment is still open and we’re looking for eager pilots to join our tight knit community.

Hit us up in game in “D-SCO Recruit” or pop a mail to Starglider7 or Logan Eto.

Aaaand UP!

Bank Holiday Bumpage

Up We Go … Still actively recruiting quality folk for fun times.

Come and have a chat to us.

And up again once more

And up we go!

Recruitment is still ongoing! Come and chat to us in-game.

We’re still looking for pilots. Find us in-game!

Up we go

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