[D-SCO] Deep Space Coalition - C5 WH PvP EUTZ

We are seeking like minded capsuleers to join our corp and get in on the fun and action. We’re looking for active players who want to be part of a team and participate in events.


Living in a C5/C5, we offer some awesome content and ISK making opportunities. If PVP is your thing and you enjoy roaming around WHs in a fleet looking for trouble and shooting things, then we want to get to know you!

What we offer :

  • Awesome PVP content full of camaraderie
  • Rat to your heart’s content through our C5 static
  • Corp Buyback System
  • Discord (come say hello!)
  • Great PI opportunities
  • Corp roles available
  • Great people to hang with
  • Biscuits and more!..come chat to us and find out!

Primarily EU based but we accept members from all timezones. We would like to hear from active players to join us, living the Wormhole life! Basic wormhole experience at the very least is required.

In the first instance, Please contact WaffleStomper Amelana, Starglider7, Logan Eto, via EvEmail or drop into our public channel: “D-SCO Recruit” for a chat.

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Top “o” the Crop…

We are still actively recruiting PVP pilots to join us, living the Wormhole life…

Wormhole life is the best life because you’re not doing the same old - same old.

With regular ops/roams, each day represents a new challenge and opportunity to hone skills and go out and have fun!

D-SCO thrive on small to medium size fleet composites and fly with various disciplines, depending on the ever changing content that wormholes provide.

So, If you want to PVP with plenty of content, with laid back folk who thrive on FUN, then drop us a line!

*Plenty of Isk making opportunity too …to fund / bling your fun boat!

  • Daily Roams …Huge content opportunities
  • Doctrine and Kitchen Sink Fleets … Fun for all
  • All TZ’s covered… Plenty of friends to fly with
  • Drunken Roams… They happen (often)
  • Relaxed, Friendly, Fun Ethos… This is the place to be!

Come and have a chat or drop into D-SCO Recruit for an informal chat :slight_smile:


Still growing and we’re still looking for laid back folk who like FUN, Bantz and shenanigans…

Come and have a chat to us.


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