Come join the (Wormhole) D-SCO! - Recruitment is open


(StarGlider7) #1

D-SCO are actively seeking new folk to join and be part of an exciting, fun and experienced group of players.

Living in a C3 Wormhole, We provide some of the best content this game has to offer.

  • PVP …Regular fleets and roams
  • PVE …Whether its ratting or data/relic sites, We offer fantastic income
  • Industry …Mining opportunities / PI backed with some extremely knowledgeable industrialists
  • Wormhole Life …Great teamwork with the emphasis on FUN
  • Much More!

Newbie friendly, we operate across all time-zones and recognize RL First policy.

Laid back and friendly corp, all we ask is that you’re a team player with a mature but fun outlook and can provide a full API.

Interested ? … Come join our public channel “D-SCO Recruit” or contact Starglider7 or Logan Eto in game.

We look forward to hearing from you.

2x 100 mil sp chars looking for a uk based corp anywere
(StarGlider7) #2

Bumpety Bump

(Unforgiven Ranger) #3

hit me up just returning to game

(StarGlider7) #4

Up We go… Come join some great folk, great content and a great corp … Come Join the D-SCO!

(StarGlider7) #5

Looking For a Wormhole Corp who are Friendly, Laid back and Growing?

With the emphasis on providing Content, Lulz and above all, FUN, Come and check out the D-SCO!

(Logan Eto) #6

And up we go!

(system) #7

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