[D-SCO] Deep Space Coalition - C5 WH PvP EUTZ




And up!

Up, up, and away!

We are still open for recruitment! Come get in on the wormhole action!


Up we go…

To The Top!

D-SCO are growing and we still need more folk from all TZ’s to join us and have fun!

We run fleets pretty much every night.
Great teamwork with the emphasis on fun and team-building.
Massive ISK making opportunities.
Much Much Much more!

We also have Biscuits …

So come and see why joining D-SCO is probably one of the best moves you’ll make!

Do your alliance accept a 1 man corp w/ 2 or 3 alts and in AUTZ? And if accepted i can start recuriting others for my timezone. thanks.

Hi Jax,
Regrettably, We are not accepting 1 man corps at this time.

However, We do have roles available in the corp and would be interested to discuss how we could increase further AUTZ presence.

Come and have a chat… in our public channel or drop me a line.

Kindest Regards,


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To.The.Top :wink:

And another one!

We are still recruiting PVP minded pilots who are in search of good fights and good people! Come join us for a chat.

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Still Flying High

Bump! We are still looking for active and motivated PVP pilots. Come join us!

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