Citadel Insurance

Stupid Idea, but ya never know.

if theres insurance fraud for ships, then likely there could be for citadels too…

but just an incentive… there should be insurance for citadels?

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Why? You wouldn’t recover anything even remotely close to the amount you lost, much like insurance for ships. By far, the biggest expense of a citadel are the rigs, and those aren’t covered.

I will insure your citadel. You will, however, first have to hand it over for an inspection.

PS: Not really a stupid idea, but perhaps ask an ICD to move it to Features and Ideas.

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what he said

I think one needs to clap the hands or do something before it moves. @ISD_Fractal ?

how many times to I have to clap?

Why not scrap insurance altogether?

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because you can scam the insurance… facepalm

thats the spirit!

Say my name three times and I shall appear :wink: Thread moved.

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