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Just lost a 300m strat in a lvl 2 high-sec DED pocket. On a disconnect.

Much as I have sent my ticket in I have been told that others have not been reimbursed for DC’s in places like Abyssal pockets.


In roleplaying terms:

  • If teh SIsters of Eve want us in these places then why are they not extending Insurance to the ships you need? Serious question.

In Non-role-playing terms:

That ship was worth £5 in real money. Thank the stars I had no Pirate modules on it. If EVE is now only for Rich Kids then just say so, but… If you want us in these Ships can we please have an Insurance System that actually works? It’s ludicrous at present.


And no, I am not a Rich kid. The UK is getting poorer at present.

2p deposited.

There was this tiny text on the filament mentioning painful 20 minute torture that could result in death did you not read it?

‘that you need’.

As in weaker ships can’t do it. Hence why Pirate/Faction is better.

Pirate & Faction that can barely be insured.

There’s no point in running a site if you can’t do it.

Which is why I’d like to see teh Insurance system spruced up.

How about NO?

That’s adding another isk faucet we got enough as it is

So, EVE is just a game for Rich Kids. I’ll have to remember that.

If the Agency offered a cover for ‘high risk locations’ that might help.

Slightly more expensive per tier of payout compared to T1.

It might work.

Look it’s do or die deal with it or quit that’s how it’s been for ages.

It is a fundamental part of EVE that losses are meaningful. It’s not like other games where dying just means respawning somewhere with your equipment slightly damaged. Buffing insurance means removing the meaning of loss, which sounds like fun because then you could try anything without fear, until you realize that fear of loss is what drives the excitement in all meaningful EVE activities. Hell, it even makes mining exciting out of HS or under wardecs/in CODE systems.

Dying to disconnects sucks, for sure. But it’s also a huge loophole. From the server side, you can’t trust a disconnect. As far as the server knows, you were losing a fight so you unplugged your router intentionally. Rewarding that tactic is bad. Also, if you are in England you’re in the same country as the servers are, you should have the most stable connection possible. If you don’t, fiddle with your router and modem. That often fixes recurring connection issues.

Dude, you don’t have the right gambling mindset. Embrace the loss, cash in some PLEX and try again. Eventually you will hit the jackpot. Maybe using some mutated modules will help with your chances.

Insurance is paid based on the mineral cost of the ship. This is why T2 hulls and the T3C/Ds have utter ■■■■ insurance payouts. It’s also why faction ships have bad payouts as well. The vast majority of the cost for a faction ship is going to be the blueprint to obtain it. For a stratios, being a cruiser, it’s mineral cost is going to be around 10m isk. Insurance is going to pay a little less than that.

Moon goo and blueprint “value” are totally disregarded by insurance.

@mkint / @Tipa_Riot, he didnt die in an abyssal site, he died in a dedplex. Which makes me wonder how bad his fit was.

On this occasion CCP recognized the issue as being at their end, but…

Your ‘sh*t-fit’ garbage aside, what about others with patchy internet connections? Weak Insurance systems leave them locked into T1 hulls, & that won’t be useful to them.

I have Fibre ( in England ). Others may not. And if people are paying 300m just for the Hull ( as prices are heading at present ) then…

One of the first lessons I was taught about this game was that if you pump money in like a slot machine then you aren’t playing. So no, I won’t be embracing my ‘gambling’ side any time soon. I’ll make careful & strategic moves, & careful & strategic investments. As EVE is a war-game.

Strange people on these Forums at times I swear.

Golden rule of EVE Online: Never fly anything you can’t afford to lose.

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