Reasonable Insurrance on Faction Ships

Dear Council.

First I would like to thank CCP and the CSM for implementing some of my ideas over the years.

(Shuttle mobility [interdiction nullification] and the ability to start life in eve as a pirate if you wanted to)

I think it is time to adress the ongoing fraud of innsurance in the game. Yes the normal T1 ships have a reasonable insurrance, but navy and faction ships, don’t even come close.

Insurrance is something very real, in the real world, so why not in eve.

We could say that inssurance was derived of data from Zkill. So the more likely you are to loose a ship, the less you get in payout, minus standings to the faction you are insurring with. With a slight boost if you are inssuring in player owned structures, but also with a zkill liability redaction.

Insuring in player owned stations, the owner/s of the structure, should get a % of the insurance cost money, because they are selling an insurance product for Concord, but not have to deal with the payout. Making the initial insuance a bit more expensive, but a better payout.

Just an idea of how it could work.

This would be a gamechanger

Thank you o7

Ship Insurance is a mechanic that needs to be deleted because noone insures ships. Or be reworked to provide meaningful coverage and prevent scammers.

Would it really? Because ships are not meaningfully covered.

I had no idea shuttle mobility was your idea. I always thought it was Merk, Nom and mine.

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I think the problem is that insurance can’t be allowed to become too big an ISK faucet.

Loose a Golem? That’s a neat amount of creds injected straight into the economy.

As for the real world, insurance is paid for by the people who have it and don’t need it.

In Eve, everyone who has it will need it. It’s almost guaranteed. At a certain point premiums would need to be so high that people would just buy the new ship without insurance.

Also, what is Shuttle Mobility?


Insurance is based on mineral cost of the ship, not the perceived market value.

Hence, T1 ship insurance and faction ships give approx the same amount of insurance (and insurance cost), as they cost the same amount of raw minerals to produce (this is less true than it was when insurance was added, but it mostly holds true for most classes of ships).

T2/3 ships give a significantly reduced insurance payout, and for an obvious reason – they are overall better ships, and it defeats the purpose of the ship insurance:

Ship insurance is meant to be a crutch to promote pvp with dedicated pvp ships. It makes using T1 fleets a lot more affordable (you don’t lose much when you whelp after insurance), and hence more accessible to a lot more players. The timeline on the insurance means you are OBLIGATED to get that ship killed within the time frame, which means somebody else will have their fun when it explodes – and hopefully you got a lot of fun out of the ship as well.

Insurance exists in game as a player-created entity: SRP.

NPC insurance creates isk in game, which does contribute to inflation. SRP does not.

Insurance should be deleted not increased

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The EVE community would not miss NPC insurance if it was quietly deleted as a very small minority actually spend ISK on the “better” plans.

Source? Me