Citadel Remove Service

We specialize in removing Hi Sec Citadels

New Killboard - Killboard
Older Killboard

We come and go as eve becomes boring check out our old killboards, but we are back again to try new things and offer our services once agian.

Citadel Removal Fees
Low Power $500 mil
powered $800 mil

POS fueled or not
Small - $500 mil
Medium - $800 mil
Large - $1 bil

in-game e-mail ONLY please give full details

  • System location include moon for each removal
  • Corp/Alliance name
  • Citadel type or POS size

Full details will be e-mailed back if contract accepted. If removal fails FULL refund will be given.

Rainbows & Unicorns

Please all correspondence via in-game

EDIT this is why I play games maths hey go figure :stuck_out_tongue:


So, I can hire you to remove a structure for just 500,000 ISK? I guess that beats PIRAT’s price by a mile and more.

That sounds affordable. It’s less than a packaged destroyer costs at some hubs.

why is post hidden ?

I’ll do it for 200M…RIP OFF!

Probably because people who disagree with the service know how to silence inconvenient posts. This is going on for weeks here. Disagree with someone’s opinion or post? Flag it with a couple Forum alts to get it hidden!

Also you should know that your posts that get hidden silently count towards a forum ban, regardless whether the flagging was rectified or not.

@OP good prices, but you need to work on your KB reference.


Or maybe it’s just not in the correct place ?
Until someone moves it.

I don’t think so. I would be banned otherwise.
/me watches for the banhammer to drop.

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Topic moved to Merc Services

This is simply not true. Please do not spread false information.

You know I can’t discuss details here without violating the rules. Better you erase this thread parts.

If you can’t discuss, why even start ?

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