Citadel reprocessing tax (Show your work)

I’m looking for the actual math breakdown of how the citadel reprocessing tax is figured. For example, a citadel charges 0.5% reprocessing. Well…0.5% of what? Ore value? Mineral value? Base price? Price of tea in China? Where EXACTLY do those values come from? Are they cluster wide or do they vary region to region?

What I’ve learned after screwing around on Sisi:

The calculations are based off of the minerals received. So higher refine percentage = more taxes paid. The prices used are standard, regardless of region or sec status.

The following mineral prices are used for the calculations:
Tritanium 3.77
Pyerite 4.33
Mexallon 30.02
Isogen 47.88
Nocxium 301.79
Megacyte 779.06
Zydrine 583.65
Morphite 4494.68

I have no idea where these prices come from or if they ever change. Does anyone have info on where these numbers originate from or if they are static or dynamic? Maybe @Steve_Ronuken would have data on this?

Edit: The numbers on TQ are different. Crap. Anyone help me on this?

I suspect the prices will come out of the market/prices endpoint on ESI.!/Market/get_markets_prices

Probably the adjusted one.

They’re dynamic, based off a global 28 day rolling average (but adjusted to prevent manipulation)

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