CK-0FF - 0.0 NPC - Recruiting for CST/MST/PST - PvP Focused - Industrial Opportunities -

CK-OFF is recruiting US WEST/CENTRAL TZ based pilots

Our Focus:

  • Small gang, black-ops, pilot-focused fleets

  • Occasional brawls, roams

  • Cooperative, emergent gameplay focused on group efforts and goals

  • Encouraging an atmosphere of growth, competency and content

  • Supporting a wide range of isk making opportunities from DED sites and mining to burners and high level industry

  • Pilots centered on self-sufficency, ambition within the sandbox

  • Cap Friendly

Who we are:

CK-OFF [FU-] is a storied corp who has been in many alliances over the past 5 years. We found lowsec/NPC Null to be our preferred gameplay style, where players are not only encouraged to be self-sufficient, but also cooperative in order to survive and improve. Out here every action has an impact, getting to the root of what eve online is all about. We strive to create a game environment where ambitions and goal-oriented gameplay gives us a reason to log in and continue to play the game.

As a member of the [Valkyrie Alliance], we currently live in Great Wildlands and Scalding Pass, an area rich in opportunity for growth. Due to the nature of where we live we expect pilots to have learned knowledge of the game, as well as placing a heavy use on covert ops.

What we Offer:

  • Cheap JF service
  • Video Guides on running L4 Pirate Burner Missions (300m/h+)
  • Sov Space for more traditional Isk making

Our requirements for any applicant are:

  • Able to Fly a Loki with T2 Tank Modules for both armor and shield on atleast one account.

  • Able to speak English fluently.

  • Have a microphone.

We prefer pilots who:

  • Have multiple accounts.

  • Have a laid back attitude.

  • Have a capital ship capable alt account.

Our Corp Culture

In CK-0FF, we don’t accept overt racism towards one-another. We however do encourage members to have fun and ‘razz’ one another in a friendly manner. If any of our members feel like it is too much we ask them to simply say “FU CK-0FF”. We want people to enjoy talking to eachother in our corp.

[-FU] CK-OFF - If you are interested in joining, please join “CK-0FF Pub” in-game and join our [Discord] . Please message Chuggi (MST), or Bl3t (PST) for recruitment.

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