CLearification Please

Will the attackers in a Wardec have to have a station in space in the December changes or not to declare war?

I am asking because I am getting conflicting information about this. The article above it says both parts have to have a station but in the key notes, they said only corps with stations can be wardec.

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There’s no devblog yet or official information more than what was released around EVE Vegas, so it’s a hard question to answer definitively.

Most likely yes, but there’s also evidence that suggests perhaps not.

We’ll just have to wait until a devblog, patch notes, changes on Sisi occur, etc.


No, you don’t.

The EVE Vegas Show mentions it, but only as a potential addition to the rule. See the slide to it:


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EVEnews24, for all your propaganda and revised facts.

Knowing CCP (… or believing to know) will they implement the first part, but possibly skip the “POTENTIAL:” part, because their main goal is to increase player activity.

Why do I believe this? The big warfaring corporations do all have structures and they wouldn’t be affected by it, but groups such as RvB might have a problem and require a structure if they don’t have one already. The addition of the second rule would also imply that destroying a corp’s structures ends their war. This is again more of a problem for the smaller corps and could again dampen their activities. It could even motivate a destruction spree by the big warfaring corporations against smaller ones in order to secure their dominance.

CCP will be looking at their data and decide from there how likely these risks are and what their effect on their goal will be.

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