Clifford Holding Is Recruiting (EU PVP/Industry Corp)

Hello, I’ve been working on setting up a PVP oriented corp, mainly focused around highsec wars and lowsec small gang roams. We welcome vets and new bros alike.

Right now I’m still setting up the corp, and I’m mainly looking for FCs and other people who want to contribute to a new corp.

The eventual plans include

  • PVP ops with a payout.
  • Potential Wardecs
  • Industry facilities with 0.2% tax rates
  • Weekly Joint Moon mining ops with EVE Navy
  • PI/fuel block buyback scheme
  • Casual PVP roams

Thanks for showing interest, if you wish to speak to me please use the CliffordHolding channel in-game to do so!

Additionally, there will be leadership roles available for anyone who wants to take up various roles like FCing and management.

We also have good relations with the PVE/Industry corp EVE Navy, holding some of their structures and being one of their FCs myself, which gives us the potential for Joint ops in the future.



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