Clipping and overlap

The left click radial menu has some overlapping issues. The SS is one of those.

I can’t upload the stupid picture. Hit Ctrl-B in space. There’s clipping on the bottom. Even if you resize.


The offices are overlapping,

BUT LOVE THE LOOKS, would love to have the ability to LIGHTEN the windows (a lot more)

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overlep when selling items


Right side of window boxes the ‘i’ button (for information) is overlapped by the scroll bar. A nit.

Info icon needs left and right padding in the market orders window:

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The Select Station window has the OK and Cancel buttons overlapping the Station field. Further overlap occurs when the prior values unroll below the Station field when the user begins to type.


Getting clipping in station panel for ship names of 14 characters, 4k resolution.

Fixed Slave’s Dyson by removing that apostrophe :rofl:

In the Modify Order window, the value of Broker's Fee overlaps with the OK button.


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